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l'amour de la fille

(for the love of the girl)

Love Always...My Love Letter to You
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Hi! I'm thegirliscrazy, and this community is where I will be posting my writing. This was started mainly for NaNoWriMo purposes, but I already write, so (hopefully) I can keep this community alive and well. Membership is open to anyone and opinions are welcomed, encouraged, pined for and desperately needed. I haven't made posting open to anyone else (most people start their own writing comms or post in their own journals so I don't think this matters) but if you'd like to post your stuff here just let me know and I'll open the posting up.

It should go without saying, but sometimes it doesn't so just to put it out there - don't come in here and act a damn fool. If you don't know what 'act a damn fool' means you should probably just sit back and observe quietly until you figure it out. I refuse to make a list of rules; it's tedious and for those who already have some good sense it's redundant.

I hope you enjoy!